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We received a call to fix a leaky chimney in Potomac, Maryland. The customer informed us that they hired another company for chimney repairs but their chimney still leaks.  As a result, he thought it was a roofing issue.  A roofer came out to evaluate the situation and assured the customer that it was the chimney.  The customer was pretty upset with the other company. The customer started looking for a chimney repair company in Montgomery County that had a reputation for qualtiy work.  They decided to call us, All Pro Chimney Service.  After performing a chimney inspection we discovered that the only thing the other company did right was a chimney sweep.  There were still serious problems with the chimney cover and chimney cap.

chimney cap silver spring, md

(*The chase cover is the big rectangular piece on top.)

Here we have a picture of the chimney. The chase cover has been replaced with a stainless steel chase cover and the cap replaced as well with an aftermarket cap.

 If you look closely you can see the neighbors chase cover is rusted and will need to have theirs replaced as well. A rusted chase cover will not only cause leaks but also leave unsightly rust stains on the chimney.

 chimney leak silver spring, md

So with the chase cover having been replaced what else could the problem be? Well there are two issues’ here that were causing this chimney to leak.

First, the cap that was installed is not the correct cap for this fireplace/chimney. This fireplace uses a double wall ventilated chimney. This cap that was installed is designed for solid packed chimney which means that the cap does not have the air space build in to it to allow the chimney to ventilate properly and could cause it to overheat. The other issue with the cap is that it doesn’t completely cover the pipe so when it rains really hard and on windy days the rain can get in.

chimney collar silver spring, md

The second issue is that the storm collar is too small for the collar of the chase cover and is allowing rain to come right in. This storm collar looks to be the original one and was reused. The problem is that when they measured the chase cover they made the collar of the opening bigger than what was there initially so they should have replaced the storm collar with one that has a larger span to insure that water cannot leak in.

 new chimney cap and storm collar potomac, md

Here is a picture of the new cap and storm collar. This cap was made by the manufacturer for this fireplace/chimney system. It has the air space underneath the lid of the cap to allow chimney to ventilate properly. We installed a new stainless steel storm collar that completely covers the collar of the chase cover.

finished chimney repair potomac, md

After picture- The chimney repair in Potomac, MD is now complete.  We installed 2 of these at this house.  

The sad part of this story is that this customer had to pay twice to get their chimney repaired.  It is always better to hire a dependable professional chimney repair company the first time.  All Pro Chimney Service is the best choice for chimney repair.

 Tips and advice:

Things to ask the tech when gathering quotes for repairs:

1-      Are they licensed?

2-      Are they certified?

3-      What materials or parts are they proposing to use? If parts are going to be replaced will it be the same part or an aftermarket part. If aftermarket, ask why and will it affect the listing of unit being repaired.

4-      Ask for warranties on the products and services being provided.

5-      Ask for before and after pictures.




  1. Kime says

    I think they did an amazing job repairing all the issues I had with my chimney. I would recommend them to anyone! I really believe they are the BEST!

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