Amazing Baltimore, MD Fireplace Installation

We were contacted by Mr. Paige of Baltimore, MD because he wanted to install a gas fireplace in his townhome.  He had several other companies that told him it was not possible because of the venting configuration and recommended he go with an electric fireplace instead. The customer was aware of the reasons to install a gas fireplace.  However, they were losing hope that he would be able to get the gas fireplace he wanted. When I came out for the site visit, we looked at the area where he wanted the fireplace, and checked the levels above and found that there was a way to vent the fireplace vertically through the closet upstairs and the attic. Needless to say, he was happy that we were a creative chimney and fireplace company that could find a way to get him what he wanted.  We then went over his options for the gas fireplace and gave him a rough sketch of how the fireplace would be installed and the cabinets to be built around it. We referred him to a friend to do the cabinets. Let’s take a look at the steps taken for the fireplace installation.

Preparation and planning for the gas fireplace installation

This is the space where the customer wanted to install the gas fireplace. It’s on the second floor of a three story townhome.


This is the closet where the vent would have to pass through. They were willing to give up a little closet space for the fireplace they wanted.

 chimney install through joist

During the site visit, I looked over the area thoroughly and found that we would be able to pass the venting between the floor joist in the closet and up the through the attic.

 fireplace installation sketch

Once I determined that the gas fireplace installation was possible, I gave the customer this rough sketch of how fireplace would look with the cabinets built around it and the TV mounted above it and he approved the design.

 fireplace cabinet layout

Once he approved the design we went over the plans with the carpenter and we mapped out the footprint of the fireplace and cabinets.

During the fireplace installation

The first thing we did when we started the installation was determining where the venting was going to go and installed the fire-stops.

 chimney view from attic

This is the view looking down at the closet fire-stop from the attic fire-stop.

 chimney flashing

Once we installed the flashing on the roof we were able to start installing the venting.

 chimney vent in closet

This is the venting going through the closet.

 chimney vent in attic

This is the venting going through the attic with an attic insulation shield installed to prevent the insulation from making contact with the vent pipe.

 terminated roof chimney vent

This is the venting being terminated on the roof. We installed a high wind termination cap and sealed the storm collar.

 chimney wall enclosure

This is the enclosure in the closet hiding the chimney vent. (not finished).

These are some pictures of the clearances being maintained from the vent pipe to the combustibles.  Proper measurement is important.

 slate fireplace hearth

Here we were dry fitting the slate hearth and surround once the fireplace and venting were set. One of the issues we faced was that the floor was off level, so we had to shim up the right side of the fireplace and hearth.

After fireplace has been installed

 completed fireplace installation

This was our last day on the job, installing the slate. From here on it was the carpenter and the electrician working on getting things finished.

Completed fireplace installation with cabinets.


Everything is pretty much done. There are a few minor things to be done with the cabinets but for the most part, it is done.

 finished gas fireplace installation

Here is a picture the homeowners sent me as they were enjoying their new gas fireplace and TV. The carpenter did a great job putting together the finishing touches, and everything looks like it was original to the house which is exactly what our goal was. We did not want this to seem like an afterthought.


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