Completed Gas Fireplace Installation

We were contacted by Mr. & Mrs. Vincent because they wanted to install a gas fireplace insert into the existing fireplace of their home. The existing fireplace is original to the house which dates back to 1900-1920’s and is no longer functional as a wood burning fireplace.  After considering how easy it is to maintain a gas fireplace and these additional benefits of gas, they decided not to install another wood burning fireplace. One of the requests made by the homeowners was to use the existing mantel with the new fireplace, which is why we ended up with the Enviro Q1 gas fireplace insert. We had recently installed the same unit in a home in Silver Spring, MD.  This unit can be used as a gas fireplace or an insert…, this was perfect for this situation.

Let’s take a look at how the fireplace was installed.

Before we started the fireplace installation

open fireplace

The first thing we did was clear the work area, set our drop cloths, then removed the mantel and set it aside.

 fireplace installation

This is what was underneath the Durock and marble.

fireplace repair

We took out the bricks to make room for the new hearth support.

fireplace hearth repair 

We installed the new hearth support by securing it to the existing floor joists.

hearth support installation

We then installed 1/2″ sheathing and had the gas line and electric ran on the back left of the fireplace.

 fireplace gas line installation

On top of the sheathing, we installed two pieces of 1/2″ Micore and Hardibacker to meet the required 2.27 minimum R value for the hearth. This is the first layer of Micore.

 fireplace hearth installation

This is the 2nd layer of Micore.

micore layer fireplace

This is the layer of Hardibacker.

 2nd layer of micore

This is the new slate hearth on top. The floor on the house was level left to right, but it was slightly off level front to back (not bad for a house that’s nearly 100 years old!)

slate fireplace hearth installation

Here we have cut back the drywall and are dry fitting the slate surround to go around the fireplace.

 fitting slate for fireplace install

Slate surround installed and ready for the mantel to go back on!

slate fireplace surround installed

Finished Fireplace Installation

finished gas fireplace installation

Here is the finished product! We reinstalled the mantel and installed trim around the slate hearth.  *The flame is blue because this picture was taken within the first few seconds that the fireplace was turned on, it turns orange after a  few minutes.  

You can see images of other fireplace installation and chimney repair projects here.  

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