Chimney Repair and Relining in Ellicott City, MD

Before Chimney Repair and Rebuilding

failing chimney crown This home in Ellicott City, MD needed chimney repair due to problems with their concrete chimney crown.  This chimney is the perfect example of why having a solid crown and maintaining it is so important on the stack. The bricks on this chimney were good solid bricks.  The crown failure being left alone without being repaired or rebuilt for years resulted in the deterioration of the mortar joints.  Chimney crown failure is a common cause of chimney leaks.  In this case, the crown failure led to a more extensive chimney repair.  We rebuilt the chimney and relined the chimney for their wood burning fireplace. 

During Chimney Repairs and Rebuilding

deteriorated chimney mortarThe mortar was so badly deteriorated that we were able to take the chimney apart by hand and clean off the bricks to reuse them. The only good thing that came from this is that we were able to reuse the bricks and didn’t have to worry about matching them. 

rebuilding chimney

We also ground out the remaining mortar joints below the rebuild and tuck pointed it because they had started to deteriorate on the surface. This also made the completed job look better because the mortar matches throughout the chimney.

We also relined the fireplace on the main floor because the flue liners were cracked and shifted further down below the area we rebuilt. We removed the existing flue liners to make room for the stainless steel liner we installed. 

Finished Chimney Repair and Rebuild

completed rebuilt chimney

This is the completed chimney rebuild. We resealed the flashing, flared out the top 4 courses, rebuild the concrete crown, installed a multi-flue cap, relined the fireplace, and waterproofed the chimney. 

repaired chimneyBecause we were able to reuse the bricks and tuck pointed the remaining courses below the rebuild, we were able to make it look like the original chimney. 

repaired chimney with tuck pointingCompleted chimney rebuild and tuck pointing!

Fireplace Liner and Smoke Chamber Repairsfireplace smoke chamber linerThis is in the smoke chamber of the fireplace. We parged the smoke chamber to correct the corbelling bricks and seal the bottom of the liner. 

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