Chimney Chase Rebuild In Bowie, MD

chimney rebuild bowie, md

We were called out to rebuild the chimney chase in this home in Bowie Maryland because the chase blew over during a storm. Luckily we did not need to install a new fireplace.  Our work was focused on the chimney (venting).  This job is an example of where repairing the chimney required the chimney to be rebuilt. This particular chimney has been discontinued making it harder to get parts. Luckily one of our distributors had some left in stock. As a result, we were able to save the homeowner money. 

chimney repair in bowie, md

Here, we are prepping our work area and setting up the scaffolding to start the chimney rebuild.

nails fastening chimney chase

chimney chase repair 
This is the reason why the chimney chase blew over. The builders barely used any nails to fasten the chase to the house. This vertical 2×4 which secures the chase to the house only had three nails securing it to the house.

lower chimney chase portion
This is the original chimney that was left, we removed it and installed the new chimney because this one was damaged.

The lower portion of the chase was insulated, but the insulation was not sealed off. The insulation should be sealed off so that it won’t fall onto the fireplace or chimney. Sealing it off also prevents drafts from coming into the house through the chase. Homes that have issues with a drafty prefabricated fireplace most likely lack insulation, and the insulation is not sealed.

thermo poly insullation
We installed Thermo-Ply to close up the insulation in the chase and installed the new chimney sections. Afterward, we cleaned up the debris and loose insulation at the bottom of the chase before installing the fire-stop.

built up chase

As we built the chase up we used framing nails and Ledger Lock to secure the vertical 2×4’s of the chase to the framing members of the house.

chimney chase fire stop

Here we have the 2nd fire-stop which is at the 2nd-floor ceiling height.

framed sheathed chase
Here, we have the chase fully framed sheathed with 7/16 OSB.

chase wrapped with tyvek

After the sheathing was installed, we wrapped the chimney chase with Tyvek home wrap and taped the seams. This will also keep the chimney/fireplace from being drafty.

completed chimney chase with reworked siding

Here is the chimney chase after the new aluminum siding was installed.

stainless steel chase cover
Here is the chimney chase above the roof with a new stainless steel chase cover and chimney cap.



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