Complete chimney rebuilding project in Ellicott City

before chimney repair

Before rebuilding the chimney 

after chimney rebuild
After rebuilding the chimney

We were called to do an estimate for chimney repairs in Ellicott City, the home of Mrs. Whelan . Before we got there, she had already received 2 or 3 other estimates from other companies. The estimates she received had differing opinions on what was needed to be done. Needless to say, I’m sure she was expecting to get more confused with what we were going to find and was probably a little skeptical about the whole process.  

When we arrived I just simply went on to do my evaluation of the chimney and fireplace as I normally would. Throughout the process as I found issues and defects in her chimney and fireplace I would go over them with her, so she fully understood what the situation was and how we needed to correct them.  I quickly discovered that this was going the chimney was in need of more extensive work than an earlier job that we did in Ellicott City.

chimney smoke chamber

smoke chamber
The first issues we found were in the smoke chamber and the flue liners for the fireplace. The smoke chamber was corbelling and not parged smooth as required by the NFPA 211 and the IRC. The second issue was that the first flue liner was cracked. I explained to her that the smoke chamber needed to be parged smooth with Chamber Tech 2000 and that the flue needed to be relined to correct her issues.

smooth parged chimney smoke chamber

stainless steel chimney liner
Here is the new stainless steel liner installed and the smoke chamber after it has been parged smooth with Chamber Tech 2000. This will allow for better air flow in the chimney and minimize the amount of creosote buildup in the chimney.

before floating cast chimney crown repair
Before floating cast crown installation

after floating cast chimney crown repair
After Floating Cast Crown Installation

The top 21 courses of the chimney had bricks that were starting to spall. The hairline cracks were already visible, and it was only a matter of time before the faces of the bricks would start to pop out. A lot of the damage started from the crown and worked its way down the chimney. Once we rebuilt the chimney, we installed a new floating cast concrete crown with a 1.5″ overhang that sits on a stainless steel plate to allow water to run off the drip edge if it ever penetrated the 5″-6″ on concrete. With this crown, the water will never run down inside the chimney from the crown. All Pro Chimney Service understands that the crown can make or break the chimney that why now we only install floating cast concrete crowns on chimneys we rebuild to ensure that it will last for years to come to protect your investment.  You can learn more about floating chimney crown installations here. 

B-Vent Installation

before chimney b-vent installation

chimney b-vent installation

Mrs. Whelan, also wanted us to look at the B-Vent chimney for her gas boiler and water heater. She had several companies tell her that all she needed to do was replace the top section of B-Vent above the roof and replace the chimney surround (fake metal chimney). Upon my inspection of the situation, I found that the existing B-Vent was disconnected and did not meet the proper clearance requirements needed to combustibles.

chimney b-vent in Ellicott City, MD
chimney pipe in ellicott city., MD

The B-Vent at some point got disconnected and as a result had the vent leaning against the top plate framing. It should maintain a 1″ minimum clearance to combustibles per the manufacturer’s specifications. Also in the attic, the chase cavity did not have a fire-stop installed. I also determined that the B-Vent could just go straight up through the roof instead of having an off set in the attic which just meant more materials and more restrictions in the venting. I explained this to Mrs. Whelan and her family, and we determined that the best option was just to have the B-Vent terminate straight up. We patched up the hole for the old vent location and installed new flashing for the new B-Vent.

*The roof will be getting replaced next.

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