Completed Chimney Repair Projects

Chimney Rebuild and Reline in Washington DC

Deteriorating mortar joints were causing the chimney to lean on this home in Washington DC.  Yes, the chimney was leaning.  During the inspection, it was determined that the house needed a chimney rebuild and new liner installed. Be sure to read this detailed article with step by step photos of this project. 

Completed Chimney Rebuild in Silver Spring, MD

The homeowner contacted us to rebuild their chimney and install a gas insert. Their chimney crown was leaking resulting in damage to the home and chimney bricks. 

Completed Floating Cast Chimney Crown Installation in Silver Spring, MD

Chimney repair job completed in Silver Spring, MD.  Installed a new floating cast chimney crown.

Completed Chimney Repair in Ellicott City, MD

This is a recent chimney repair projet in Ellicott City.  The homeowner contacted us because his chimney needed to be fixed. As you can see the bricks on the chimney are spalling (when the faces of the bricks pop out) and cracked.  The previous homeowner made some attempts to patch up the chimney, but it did not go to well. We rebuilt the chimney from the roof line up. 

Complete Chimney Rebuild in Ellicott City, MD

The homeowner had received 3 other estimates with various recommendations. After our inspection, we discovered multiple problems that resulted in the need to rebuild the chimney system completely.  Read how we did it. 

Chimney rebuild in Silver Spring, MD

This chimney in Silver Spring, Maryland was in need of a rebuild because the mortar joints and bricks on the chimney were loose and deteriorated.

Chimney Cap and Storm Collar Replacement in Potomac, MD

 The customer previously hired another company to repair their chimney in Potomac, MD but their chimney still leaked.  We fixed the problem by replacing the chimney cover and chimney cap.  Here is a detailed article about this Potomac, MD chimney repair project.

Chimney Repair and Relining in Ellicott City, MD

This home had a chimney crown that was crumbled to the point that it was barely there.  We rebuilt and relined the chimney.  See more about the job here. 

Chimney Repair Project in College Park, MD

‘This project combined installing a floating cast chimney crown flue liner replacement and minor repairs to the fireplace.  This is a great project to see 3 different stages of chimney repairs.  Learn more about this project. 

Chimney Rebuild in Chevy Chase, MD

Another company recommended to either tuck point the chimney or reconstruct the stack.  During our inspection of the chimney in Chevy Chase, MD, we noticed the stack had previously been tucked and pointed by another company.  We also noticed that the mortar was no longer binding to the bricks (the bricks were loose) and concluded that tuck pointing it again would not fix the problem.  The homeowner agreed with our assessment and decided to move forward with having All Pro Chimney Service repair and rebuild their chimney.


Chimney Reconstruction in Columbia, MD

We performed a chimney inspection at home in Columbia, MD and found that the chase was rotten and block foundation had dropped leaving parts of the chase with no support.  We rebuilt the chimney and reused the existing siding saving the homeowner the cost of replacing the siding. 

Chimney Repair and Relining in Annapolis, MD

Recent chimney repair project in Annapolis, MD.  We rebuilt the crown, replaced the top flue liner and installed a top mounted cap damper. We also resurfaced the fireplace flue and purged the smoke chamber.


Chimney Repair in Laurel, MD