Guest Blogging for All Pro Chimney

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Want to be a guest blogger for All Pro Chimney?

All ProChimney provides valuable information for homeowners.  We specialize in chimneys and fireplaces.  However, we want our blog to provide any info that home-related information that homeowners will find helpful. 

If you have some information that would be helpful for our readers, please send us your draft articles.  

We believe that knowledge should be shared to make the world a safer place.  We are always open to working with people who are willing to share valuable information. 

We need your article to follow these guidelines

  • Article should be at least 600 words long
  • The content must be original. 
  • We will include 2 backlinks to whatever web page you like in the text and author description of your article.  
  • Topics:  Topics must provide helpful tips for homeowners. 
  • Content Types:  All content types are welcome.  Text, infographics, etc.  The choice is yours.
  • Must not be plagiarized.  Yes, we check to make sure there is no plagiarism. Please do not try to send duplicate content. 

How this blog exchange relationship works

  • We only do blog exchanges.- We will only post your article if you agree to publish one of our articles on your blog.  
  • We do not accept money for backlinks, nor do we pay for articles.  This is a free exchange of articles.  

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Content that is not original.

Content that is no more than an advertisement for your business.

Steps to getting your article published on our blog.

1. Send an email to  

   The email must have the following: 

  • Topic ideas that you would like to write for our page.
  • What company you represent, if any 

2. Once your idea is approved, send the following:

  • The completed draft of your blog post. 
  • Brief bio of your company
  • A few sentences about the author.  
  • A minimum of 1 picture.

3. Upon receiving your article, we will approve it and send you an email detailing when the article will be published. Please allow up to 3 weeks for the process to be complete.