4 Reasons Why Annual Chimney Inspections Are Worth the Investment

Chimney companies always that you need to have your chimney inspected every year.  As a homeowner you may be wondering: “Is this really worth the investment?”  

The answer is a resounding yes! A thorough annual inspection can prevent major repairs in the future. Without an inspection, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been prevented.  

 Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your chimney doesn’t require attention. Chimneys need preventive maintenance like other parts of your home.   

 With that in mind,here are just are some detailed reasons why you should consider an annual chimney inspection. 

1. You’ll have your chimney checked for cracks and leaks.

A crack in your chimney can allow corrosive moisture to infiltrate the system, which could lead to a dangerous situation. A cracked chimney can also allow carbon monoxide to infiltrate the living space, which could present safety concerns. It’s best to keep an eye on your chimney for signs of wear and tear. An inspection will reveal these issues before they become a problem. 

Possible repair options include having your chimney relined, which can be costly depending on the severity of the damage. If a crack is detected in your chimney during its early stages, you can have the crack repaired for far less. 

2. You’ll have your chimney checked for dangerous buildup of creosote.

Creosote buildup can be dangerous if not handled properly.  Creosote is highly flammable and is a leading cuase of chimney fires.  Creosote buildup will need to be removed before it causes damage. You can have it professionally cleaned or you can use a do-it-yourself method like a  chimney cleaning logs.  However, it has been found that chimney logs do not work very well.  The best option is to let a professional chimeny technician clean your chimney.   


In addition to fire hazard, creosote’s extremely acidic nature can cause it to corrode internal components and sections of your chimney.  Finally, large creosote deposits can obstruct the flue passage and cause drafting problems.  A thorough inspection and cleaning will help you identify signs of creosote buildup before it becomes a problem. 

3. You’ll have your chimney checked for animal nests

It’s best to have your chimney checked for pests annually. Birds, rodents and other pests could build nests in your chimney.  These nests can damage your chimney.  An inspection will reveal any damage that will need to be repaired before they can become larger problems.   

Pest problems can be costly to fix.  They may pose a fire hazard if there is a significant buildup of debris.  A professional chimney inspection will reveal signs of any activity and allow you to take action before a problem develops. 

 An inspection will get rid of any pests that have made your chimney their home.  You should also consider installing a chimney cap to prevent the animals from returning.

4. You’ll have your flue checked for outside debris and other obstructions.

A proper inspection will help you identify any outside debris that could be impacting the safety and efficiency of your chimney. Common debris include leaves, limbs, pine needles and even construction materials that may have blown into the chimney during building or repairs.  

As mentioned before, a professional chimney inspection will help you catch any obstructions while they’re still small enough to remove. If debris or other obstructions are allowed to remain in the chimney for too long, they could impact the flue’s ability to draft properly and cause smoke spillage into your home. 


In conclusion, a yearly inspection of your chimney will help you to save money and time from major repairs. If you don’t have any experience inspecting or cleaning out your own chimneys we recommend hiring a professional who can do it properly and safely. A thorough inspection will reveal cracks, creosote buildup as well as pests that may inhabit your chimney such as rodents or birds. If there are any obstructions in the flue passage due to outside debris they should be removed before they cause smoke spillage into living space. We hope these four reasons convince you why investing in an annual chimney inspection is totally worth it

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