How Can HVAC Companies Help Maintain Your Dryer?

No matter who you are, laundry is a part of your life. If you’ve just gotten your first dryer installed, you might not know how to properly maintain your new equipment. Why is regular maintenance important? Keep reading here to learn more about how HVAC companies can help with your dryer maintenance.

Keep Your Vents Clean

One of the most important parts of dryer maintenance is keeping the dryer vents cleaned. If they are not kept clean, you will see these signs:

  • Wet clothes
  • Extremely hot dryer
  • Broken dryer vent flap
  • Musty or burnt dryer smell
  • Full lint trap

To decrease lint build-up in your dryer, use fewer dryer sheets or run your dryer for a shorter amount of time. This is just a short-term solution, unfortunately. Regular cleanings from professional HVAC repair companies should fix these problems quickly! If these issues persist, call one of the HVAC companies in your area to schedule a repair service.

Check the Vent Cap

Along with regular cleanings, your HVAC company should check the vent cap, especially during times of inclement weather. Dirt and snow often build up around the vent over time, which can limit airflow and impact the performance of your dryer. You can even have your vent cap changed from vinyl to metal while your contractor is completing other HVAC repairs. Vinyl is prone to catching on fire, which poses a danger to your home and family.

Replace Broken Parts

If your dryer is less than 4 years old, or the repairs will cost less than a brand new dryer, it’s worth it to have parts replaced. According to Home Advisor, it will typically cost between $100 and $430 for a dryer repair. This price depends on the labor cost and the price of the part that needs to be replaced. A dryer belt, for instance, is around $10-$20 depending on your model. A timer, on the other hand, can cost anywhere between $130 and $270. If you have to replace several expensive parts, you might want to consider replacing your dryer. The right HVAC companies will know which solution to recommend.

With these tips and the right HVAC repair company, your dryer will last longer and work well! Keep them in mind the next time you open your dryer. Call us at All Pro Chimney & Home Improvement when you need HVAC repairs, fireplace repairs, or an AC installation.

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