How to Pick the Right Wood Burning Fireplace

wood burning fireplace in Vienna, VA   Last week I was talking to a friend from Vienna, VA about the process I went through to pick the right wood burning fireplace. As its name implies, this type of fireplace is fueled by wood — but it’s way more versatile than you think. Professional chimney services companies like ours will always review the options with you. However, with so many fireplace options available, it can be tough to make a final decision. From style to heat production, all kinds of factors come into play. Not sure where to start? Worry not, here are some tips to help you choose the right wood-burning fireplace to your home:


The right wood-burning fireplace should bring instant pizzazz to your home. If you’re eager to class up your interior decor, try a fireplace with traditional masonry. Nothing shouts sophisticated quite like beautiful stones or brickwork. If, however, you prefer a contemporary look, you’ll want to consider these options:
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Reflective gold
  • Metallic accents
Choosing the perfect wood-burning fireplace can be a real challenge. Begin by reflecting on your current decor and the ambiance it conveys. A classic fireplace might look odd in a decidedly contemporary home — and vice versa. Of course, while your fireplace should match your home’s overarching aesthetic, it should also provide enough contrast to serve as a proud centerpiece. Select a material or color that helps your fireplace stand out against the existing walls and flooring.

Open Versus Closed Combustion

The terms open and closed combustion refer to whether closed doors are needed for a given fireplace to function optimally.
  • Open combustion fireplaces can operate successfully without glass doors. When you picture a traditional hearth, you probably think of an open combustion fireplace. While this approach provides much of the ambiance and charm associated with wood burning fireplaces, it’s not as efficient as closed combustion fireplaces.
  • With closed combustion, the doors must remain shut for peak functioning. Designed for maximum heat production, closed combustion styles are best for homes in which fireplaces serve more of a practical (versus a decorative) function. That’s not to say closed combustion fireplaces aren’t attractive — style simply isn’t the primary consideration.

What About Wood Burning Stoves And Inserts?

Traditional fireplaces are by no means the only option if you’re looking for a wood-fueled solution. Alternate options include:
  • Wood burning stoves, which do not need to be built into the wall or with a chimney. Many homeowners favor wood burning stoves for their flexible installation and efficiency.
  • Wood burning inserts, which can be used to alter an existing fireplace. This is an ideal option for homeowners who love the appearance of their fireplace but desire increased heat production or efficiency. With inserts, you get the best of both worlds: impressive efficiency without sacrificing the classic aesthetic you desire.Here is an article that you may find useful.
No matter how stylish, no one fireplace, stove, or insert solution is ideal for every home. Think carefully about how your fireplace can best fit into your aesthetic and lifestyle. The perfect wood burning fireplace is out there — you just need to find it. Hey are you interested in a gas fireplace? why dont you read this article about how to choose the rigth gas fireplace

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