How To Choose The Right Gas Fireplace

There’s nothing that contributes to the warm, comfortable, homey atmosphere of a house like a fireplace. It serves as both a gathering place for get-togethers of family and friends or as a quiet companion for solitary contemplation. Although the traditional wood burning fireplace is still popular, many people these days are opting for the convenience and low-maintenance of a gas-burning unit. Gas fireplaces are particularly popular in Fairfax,VA. Professional chimney service companies like ours are always ready to install gas fireplaces.   There are many types of gas fireplaces on the market, and choosing the right one for your particular situation requires that you learn a little bit about what’s available.

Why Choose A Gas Fireplace?

Aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons for installing a gas fireplace in your home, there are some practical reasons as well. Gas as a fuel is readily available just about anywhere and doesn’t involve chopping and splitting firewood, or purchasing it at often exorbitant prices, and then having to store it in a protected space near your house. Not to mention having to haul it in when it’s cold outside.

Gas fireplaces burn clean, so there’s no danger of creosote buildup which can cause chimney fires. They are also much easier to maintain and clean than their wood-burning cousins.

They can also significantly lower your heating bills, by as much as 40% by some estimates, especially if you currently heat with electricity.

And finally, they’re a good investment that will increase the property value of your home. Consumer surveys have shown that many buyers are willing to pay more for a house that has a fireplace installed. You can find more reasons in our previous article.

Types Of Gas Fireplaces

There are three types of gas fireplaces, the B-vent, the direct vent, and the vent free. Each has their specifications and requirements. It’s vital that before you install any type, you check to see if they are approved under your local building codes. Unless you have the skills required, it’s best to have the unit installed by a professional.  Doing otherwise could not only be dangerous but also void your manufacturer’s warranty.


Sometimes called a natural vent fireplace, these require a particular chimney pipe to be installed through the house to the roof. These are used on decorative types of fireplaces, and usually provide a more natural looking flame, but also generate less heat than other types.

Direct vent

This type uses a chimney pipe made up of two parts, a large pipe with a smaller pipe inside. The larger pipe draws in air for combustion from outdoors and the smaller pipe vents exhaust gases. The unit is enclosed in airtight glass and uses no indoor air for combustion.


Ventless units provide heat and flames but don’t require any venting of gases, putting off only a small amount of fumes. Since no vent needs to be installed, they are less expensive and can be placed almost anywhere within the home.

Natural Gas Or Propane

These different fuels require that the fireplace is equipped with the proper outlets for their use. If you live in an area with access to natural gas, and especially if your home is already equipped with gas lines, you’ll want to go with that. Natural gas is cleaner burning and provides a more natural looking fire. If however, you live in an area far away from gas lines, you’ll need to have a propane tank installed on your property and have gas lines installed if you have none. Again, you should check the local building codes and see if any permits are required in your area.

Styles Of Gas Fireplaces

Today there are many different styles of gas fireplaces available, from traditional to modern contemporary. A peninsula-style, which is rectangular, can be used as a divider between two rooms. An island-style fireplace sits in the center of the room and can be seen from all sides. A corner fireplace is open on two sides and is an excellent choice for rooms with limited space. Shop around before you buy to find the style that is best for your tastes and needs.

Do you want to learn more about gas fireplaces?  Make sure that you read our previous article about the benefits of gas fireplaces.

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