Benefits of Free Standing Stoves

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With so many options available, choosing a fireplace can prove surprisingly difficult. Depending on your situation, you may be currently considering the merits of a free standing stove fireplace. We recently installed a beautiful free-standing fireplace in a home in Columbia, MD.  The best part was that the room originally did not have any fireplace or chimney installed.  As a professional chimney service company, we find that homeowners love the versatility offered by free standing fireplaces. that are available.  Free standing fireplaces have become very popular.  Below, we offer insight into this popular option.

What Is a Free Standing Stove?

A free standing stove fireplace is exactly as it sounds: a fireplace that can be installed standing free from the wall.  There is no need for a mortar chimney or a brick wall.  This is an excellent alternative for homes that are not suited to fireplaces built into the wall.

 Free Standing Stove Benefits

From easy installation to extensive style selection, a variety of benefits make free standing fireplaces an excellent option. A few of the top benefits of this unique type of fireplace are outlined below:

Flexibility of Location

Current lack of a fireplace need not impede you in your quest to bring this feature to a specific location in your home. While most fireplaces can only be installed in areas that already have the infrastructure for this feature, free standing fireplaces do not recognize such limitations. Free standing fireplaces can be installed nearly anywhere within a home.  This brings a valuable opportunity if you live in a home not suited to a built-in fireplace; your home’s design or style should not prevent you from enjoying the benefits of living with a fireplace.

Exposed Sides For More Heat And Beauty

The full faces and sides of free standing fireplaces are often on display, as they are typically not built into the wall. Depending on the size and style of the fireplace, this provides an amazing opportunity for it to become a visual centerpiece in any room. Additionally, exposed sides can amplify the heat that free standing fireplaces deliver in your home.

Opportunities For Moving

With some fireplaces, it’s only possible to enjoy their benefits if you are in a specific home; as soon as they’re installed, they’re stuck. With free standing fireplaces, however, you never need to say goodbye. If you eventually decide to move to a new home, it may be possible to move your free standing fireplace with you. Likewise, your free standing fireplace could potentially be shifted from one room in your current home to another.


Free standing stoves come in a wide variety of styles and can be configured to use gas, wood or wood pellets.  While some units are purely decorative, many produce considerable heat.   The options are limitless.  Ultimately, your preferences determine how, exactly, your free standing fireplace will look and what it will accomplish.

Easy Installation

The installation process for a free standing fireplace may be far more convenient than alternate options. Factors that influence where and how these fireplaces are installed may include ventilation, type of flooring, and type of hearth or platform. Installation is typically faster than building a brick and motor fireplace.  Your fireplace can be up and running fairly quickly.

A free standing stove fireplace could bring considerable beauty and sophistication to your home, while also serving as a valuable source of heat. It’s a wonderfully versatile option that could transform several rooms in your current home or in future residences.

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  1. Wow, I thought it was cool how you said that a free-standing fireplace can be placed almost anywhere in your home and that they are more convenient to install than an actual fireplace. I just moved into my first house with my wife this past month and she was telling me yesterday that she would love to have a fireplace in our house. I’ll see what she thinks about a free-standing fireplace because of how easy it is to install and we could place wherever we want in the house.

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