Do chimney cleaning logs really work?

Many people wonder if chimney cleaning logs really work. The answer is yes and no. Chimney cleaning logs can reduce some of the creosote buildups. However, they are not a safe replacement for a professional chimney sweep and inspection.

How Chimney Cleanings Are Supposed to Work

Whenever you burn fuel in your fireplace, gas particles travel up and out of your chimney. Some of the gas particles fail to completely exit the chimney. These particles condense and stick to the inside of your chimney, forming a thick tar-like buildup called creosote. Creosote is highly combustible.  The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) identifies creosote buildup as a common cause of chimney fires.

In theory, chimney logs release a chemical that causes the creosote to become flaky and brittle and fall through the flue. Chimney cleaning logs only reduce some of the creosote.  They do not clean to the professional standards required to reduce potential hazards within your chimney.

chimney with creosote buildup

Why You Need A Professional Chimney Inspection And Sweep

A professional chimney sweep includes more than cleaning your flue. A professional completes an inspection, cleans the chimney and educates you on potential hidden hazards within your chimney.  Creosote buildup is only one of many factors that can affect your chimney.

Whether or not chimney cleaning logs work depends on how you define “work”. Do they reduce some of the creosote buildups? Yes. Do they do a good enough job for you to be confident that your fireplace is as safe as possible? No. Are they an acceptable replacement for a professional chimney sweep and inspection? Never. A professional is the best option.

Are you ready to get your chimney cleaned by a professional?  Be sure to read this article on how to choose the right professional chimney sweep company.

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