Fireplace relining & chimney repair in College Park, MD

The project required repairs to the wood fireplace and the chimney.  The fireplace repairs were minor compared to the chimney.  However, there was a significant difference between the appearance of the fireplace before and after repairs.  The chimney work included installing a new crown and new flue liners.

Part 1 – Installing custom steel arch plate fireplace door

​Before replacing screen and andirons

​After installing arch plate fireplace door.

 We removed the old fireplace screens and andirons and installed a custom steel arch plate fireplace door. The new hardware gave the fireplace a more modern look.

 Part 2 – Floating cast concrete crown installation

Before floating cast crown installation

After floating cast crown installation

 The old crown was deteriorating and falling apart. We knew this job required a crown similar to what we installed in a previous repair project in Ellicott City, MD.  We rebuilt it with a new floating cast concrete crown. Which is 5″-6″ thick, sits on a stainless steel sheet, reinforced with mesh, has PWR waterproofing powder added to the concrete mix to waterproof it and has an expansion joint around the flue liners. You can learn more about float cast concrete crowns here.

Part 3 Install Chimney Flue Liner

The flue liners for the fireplaces were cracked and shifted and needed to be relined.  The new stainless steel lining systems were installed and we sealed the bottom of the liners with Chamber Tech 2000. The smoke chamber for both fireplaces we built properly and had a smooth transition leading up to the flue liner so all we had to do was seal the bottoms of the liners. We also installed 2 Lock Top II dampers for the fireplaces.

The Finished Chimney and Fireplace Project

This is the completed before and after pictures. The most noticeable difference is the new floating cast concrete crown. This chimney will outlast any other chimney in this neighborhood simply because of how the crown was rebuilt. It will protect the masonry below it for years to come.


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