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There is no better feeling than relaxing in front of your fireplace after a fantastic day with your family in the Glen Echo Park or the C&O Canal.  What if that fireplace does not work, or worse, does not exist? Fortunately, homeowners in Montgomery County, MD can rely on All Pro Chimney Service for professional fireplace installation and repairs. 

wood burning fireplace installed in Montgomery County, MD  

Why Choose All Pro Chimney Service?

Fireplace installations, maintenance, and repair services are no small matter.  It is essential to preserve the comfort of the home and reap the benefits of the investment by choosing the right fireplace service company.  All Pro Chimney Service provides quality products and service at competitive rates.  We are a locally owned and operated, nationally certified chimney service company that is committed to exceeding our customer’s service expectations. 

  • We arrive on time.
  • We maintain our technicians’ certifications through ongoing training and attending educational seminars.
  • Will keep you informed about what we find and review every option with you.
  • Will provide fair and accurate estimates.
  • We are members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG).
  • We are members of the Mid-Atlantic Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA).
  • Our experience and excellence in performance will give you peace of mind.

Types of Fireplaces We Install

We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to fireplace installation.  Every home is unique, and every homeowner has their preferences.  Our fireplace experts specialize in providing homeowners with fireplaces that match the structure of their home with the preferences of the homeowners.  All Pro carries and installs many fireplace styles. We can also install fireplaces that homeowners purchase on their own.

pellet stove insert installed in Montgomery County Md 

Fireplace Inserts

We provide professional fireplace insert installation that can change inefficient fireplaces into energy saving assets that add comfort and reduces heating costs.

  • Pellet Stove Inserts are fueled by compressed wood pellets that are easy to use and significantly more energy efficient than wood-burning models.  They come in multiple styles and finishes.
  • Gas Inserts gives the ambiance of fire and controllable heat at the push of a button. With so many models to choose from, gas fireplaces are a prevalent option.
  • Wood Burning Inserts keep the traditional features of a wood fire and upgrade it with higher efficiency and improved heating capability.

installed free standing pellet stove

Free Standing Stove

Free-Standing stoves allow Montgomery County homeowners to bring all the benefits of a fireplace to places that once were previously cold and uninviting.  Our professional installers can discuss the options and review the process of installing your freestanding stove.

  • Free Standing Pellet Stoves are a favorite secondary heat source because they can be filled with up to 50 hours of fuel depending on the model. Some even come with thermostats that will automatically turn on when needed.
  • Free Standing Gas Stoves are easy to use and quickly produce much heat. Free standing gas stove come in a wide variety of styles. Many models are the most energy efficient option.  They also come with convenient features such as blowers and remotes. 
  • Free Standing Wood Burning Stoves free-standing units allow you to bring the comfort of real burning wood to nearly any room.  Woodburning models provide everything that you love about wood fires.  Flames dancing, the crackling of the wood as it burns.

prefabricated fireplace installed in Montgomery County MD

Prefabricated Fireplaces

Prefabricated fireplaces provide a less costly option than traditional masonry fireplaces. These units generate less heat.  However, prefab units offer a visually appealing alternative to a masonry fireplace.  The manufacturer assembles prefab units and ships them to the home.  Having the fireplace pre-built reduces the time and challenges of installing a fireplace.  Less installation time results in lower service costs.  There are no prefabricated pellet stoves, but gas and wood-burning are both available options.

Brands We Carry

All Pro Chimney Service offers multiple styles and fuel type options.  If a homeowner wants a model that we do not carry, then we can install the unit that the homeowners purchases.  We make it easy by carrying trusted brands.

Superior| Regency | Heatilator | Heat N Glo| Enviro | Napoleon

chimney cleaned in Montgomery County, MD

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